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Homework on the day(s) of:

May 14 - May 22
1. Use EOG Review tab, test tracker, practice tests, notebooks and other resources to prepare for EOG!

May 10 and 13
1. Study and Prepare for EOG Prep Post Test

May 8 and 9
1. Finish Earth Science Study Pamphlet
2. Use your tracker to study for EOG's!!

May 2, 3, 6 and 7
1. Finish Chemistry Study Guide and review it
2. Review Notebook handouts and notes for EOG Prep

April 30 and May 1
1. Explain what causes many water quality problems. What can everyday citizens do to help?

April 26 and 29
1. All classes had different assignments, see me or someone in your class for details.

April 22 - 25
1. Study for upcoming Quiz

April 18 and 19
1. Use your Test Tracker from the Practice Pre-test EOG to determine areas to review
2. Study for Ecology Quiz next week!

April 16 and 17
1. Quiz on Ecology Next Week! - Start Studying!!

April 12 and April 15
1. Create a KIM or a Frayer Card for each of the following terms:
Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, Herbivore and Carnivores

April 10 and 11
1. Finish Analysis Questions from Lab/Activity in Class

April 8 and 9
1. Create your own creature - Create a creature and describe it's characteristics, its habitat and niche, at least two connections (from vocab) and draw an illustration.

March 27 and 28

March 25 and 26
1. Read Section 2.1 of Unit B and Answer Chapter reivew questions
2. Complete RAFT Assignment for "The Trouble with Classifying a Platypus" (see handouts below)

March 21 and 22
1. Complete Alien Dichotomous Key worksheet

March 19 and 20
1. Study for Quiz on Evolution, Natural Selection, Chapter 1.2B and 1.3 B

March 15 and March 18
Peppered Moth Paragraph (see notebook pages)

March 13 and 14
Complete the 1.2 and 1.3 Reinforcement Worksheets given out in class

March 11 and 12
Finish long term Assignment

March 5 and 6
1. New Long Term Assignment:
1. Read Chapters 1.2 and 1.3 from Unit B in text
2. Study all vocabulary and complete all chapter review and discussion questions (Due March 13th or 14th)
*Upcoming quiz on March 11thand 12thon Biotechnology and Infectious Disease vocab.
2. Research and be prepared to finish your poster next class.

March 1 and 4
1. BYOT Next Class
2. Start Research for Biotechnology mini-project (you chose the category and placed it in the last quadrant on page 112)

February 26 and 27
1. No Science Homework!
2. Check PAM and Complete Missing Work

February 25
1. Write a paragraph comparing your hypothesis and the actual answer from the activity "Who Infected Whom".

February 19 and 20
1. Finish Reading Map and Study New Vocabulary

February 14 and 15
1. Study for Test on the 19th or 20th!
2. Finish Long Term Assignment

February 8 and 11
1. Work on Long Term Assignment (see below)
2. Start Microbiology Research Project (if absent, come see me to get your topic)

February 6 and 7
1. Long Term Assignment (due Feb. 19 and 20)

•Read Chapter 5 (pg. 131-158 E)

•All Section Reviews (136, 143, 150,157)

•Define terms on page 158 E

•Test on Feb 19 and 20Today's Notebook Pages:
February 4 and 5
1. Read Section 4.3 of Unit E in textbook

January 31 and Feb 1
1. Finish Food Energy Project (See Classwork Tab)
2. Study for Test Next Week

January 29 and 30
1. Work on Cell Study Guide (Due Feb. 4th (A) or 5th (B))
2. BYOT Next Class!!!

January 25 and 28
1. Finish Mitosis Diagram Handout
2. Complete the "Find the Cell Phrase" worksheet

January 23 and 24
1. Make a concept map with "cell" in the middle and 4 spokes coming out titled: division, transport, animal and plant. List the vocabulary words we've used in class under the specific category they belong to and explain.

January 17 and 18
1. Complete the "WebQuest/Scavenger Hunt" from class (See Notebook pages tab if you were absent)
2. Study and prepare for quiz on Wednesday (A) and Thursday (B)
3. Enjoy the long weekend and "recharge**" yourselves for the next semester!!!

January 15 and 16
1. BYOT NEXT CLASS!! Bring anything that connects to wi-fi!!
2. Answer "practice" portion of notebook pages 1-8 and determine if its active/passive transport and what specific type.

January 11 and 14
Read 1.1 from Unit E of your Textbook
- Create notecards and know the vocab terms on page 9E
- Answer questions 1-6 on page 15E

January 9 and 10
1. Complete Analysis Questions from "Bean Energy Transformation Activity" in class (see below)
2. Study for Energy Quiz next class (see cheat sheet on ntbk pages tab)

Bean Energy Transformation Analysis Questions
1. What happened to the energy during transport and transfer?
2. Compare the amount held by the first and last person. Explain.
3. If there were fewer trasnfers, how much energy would the last person have?
4. How could we make fewer transfers in obtaining energy in our lives?
5. Take out the carnivore and compare the amount of energy left over.

January 7 and 8
1. List 3 examples of energy transformations you use in your everyday life.
2. Check PAM for missing work
January 4
1. Check PAM and make sure you are up-to-date with work!!!!

January 2 and 3
1. Reflect on Group Project: Pros, Cons, and Shared Groupwork